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Superbugs stifle modern medicine

Are we headed back to the days when people died of common infections? Can superbugs threaten a simple surgery like a knee replacement if god forbid an infection invades?

The answer is yes, we live in an instantaneous society people want to get well and often demand the doctor give an antibiotic so they feel better fast. There is a price to be paid for everything and drug resistant superbugs are one of them.

The UK is ground zero right now seeing an increase in some antibiotic resistant superbugs including MRSA,and C. diff. However it is not exclusive to the UK and is termed a global problem. It is described as “catastrophic”.

The experts are urging politicians to make this a political issue. They are urging more money for development of new antibiotics so we can treat these super bugs.

They are compeling doctors to stop over prescribing antibiotics. And reaching out to hospitals and health care facilities asking to practice better hygiene methods.

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Linda Cristline

Linda Cristline

Linda Cristline has lived in Seattle her whole life.  Linda has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the The Seattle Times and the Oakland Tribune.  As a journalist for Ocean View Expositor, Linda covers national and international developments.

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